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A Better Food Storage Solution

I buy a lot of fruits, herbs, and vegetables each week, but after cleaning and storing them in plastic Ziploc bags in the refrigerator, they never seem to “make it” through the week. My peppers became “wrinkly” and my cilantro… Continue Reading →

Is Your Coffee Pot Making You Sick? Vinegar to the Rescue

You may be washing the individual parts of your drip coffee maker, but the reservoir may be the culprit and is quite possibly harboring yeast, mold, or bacteria, which can actually make you sick. The reservoir is a wet dark… Continue Reading →

The Traveling Lunch Box

Yesterday my son came home from school anxious to tell me about his entire day. Imagine my delight to hear about each and every detail, which boys don’t usually share. He began his story with the dreaded subject of math,… Continue Reading →

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