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How to Make Black Tea (with Mint Leaves: Optional)

The process of brewing loose Black Tea is very simple, but the final taste depends on several factors such as the amount and quality of tea used, the quality of the water, and the steeping time.  Of the four main… Continue Reading →

How to Make Oolong Tea (with Mint Leaves: Optional)

In terms of taste and color, I like to think of Oolong Tea as being somewhere in between Green Tea and Black Tea. Many say that when properly brewed, Oolong Tea has a very golden or light orange color. Its… Continue Reading →

How to Make Green Tea (with Mint Leaves: Optional)

Many factors contribute to the taste of Green Tea and no two cups will taste exactly alike. The taste of brewed green tea depends on tea leaf quality, the amount of tea used per cup, water quality, and steeping time…. Continue Reading →

How to Make White Tea (with Mint Leaves: Optional)

Brewing loose White Tea is a simple process and the flavor will vary based on the amount of tea leaves used and the steeping time. It is important  that any tea leaf which comes from the camellia sinensis plant, including… Continue Reading →

How to Make Greek Mountain Tea

There are two different ways to prepare or brew loose leaf teas. The first is to boil the tea leaf with the water, and the second is to boil the water first, wait for it to cool to 180 degrees,… Continue Reading →

How to Make Sage Tea

The process for brewing sage tea is simple. First boil a cup of water without the sage. If boiled, the sage will take on a bitter taste. Let the water cool for one minute. Add a little less than one… Continue Reading →

Greek Mountain Tea

Unlike White, Green, Oolong, and Black Teas, which come from the camellia sinensis plant, Greek Mountain Tea comes from the Sideritis plant which is found primarily in Greece and Macedonian regions. It is called Greek Mountain Tea because it grows… Continue Reading →

Black Tea

Black Tea is fully fermented and fully oxidized. The trend here, as with Oolong Tea, is to continually process the leaf in order to cause more of its flavor and color to be released through oxidation. This means it has… Continue Reading →

Oolong Tea

Of all the teas from the camellia sinesis plant Oolong Tea is perhaps third in line in terms of freshness and nutritional value. However, the opposite is true in terms of taste and flavorful-ness. As more oxidation is applied to… Continue Reading →

Green Tea

Among health and tea enthusiasts–Green Tea seems to be all the rage, and with good reason. With its high content of antioxidant and catechins content, the health benefits of Green Tea are nearly endless. Each of the four types of… Continue Reading →

White Tea

If you drink tea primarily for its health benefits, then White Tea gives you the most bang for your buck. Each of the four types of teas that originate from the camellia sinensis plant are heated at some point after they… Continue Reading →

All About White, Green, Oolong and Black Tea

The four main Chinese  teas ~ White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, and Black Tea ~ come from the Camellia sinensis plant. If they all come from the same plant, then what is it that makes each of these teas… Continue Reading →

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